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Soul of Goodness - Christopher Phillips

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Soul of Goodness

In this personal and probing book, the acclaimed ‘philosopher for the people’ shares lessons gleaned from his intimate and often unexpected encounters with uncommonly perceptive human beings both living and long deceased, in the form of weary travelers and some of history’s greatest thinkers, from Heraclitus to Dr. Cornel West.

From his critically acclaimed Constitution Cafe: Jefferson’s Brew for a True Revolution, to his philosophy international bestsellers like Socrates Cafe: A Fresh Taste of Philosophy and Six Questions of Socrates: A Modern Day Journey of Discovery through World Philosophy, Christopher Phillips, PhD is a noted author of books for both adults and children, and for both popular and scholarly audiences. He blends timeless philosophical meditations with his Socratic sojourns across the globe, designed to stimulate inquiry, discover uncommon common ground, and forge lasting bonds among diverse participants. His dialogues into timely and timeless questions reveal surprising points of intersection between classical philosophy, modern life, and the intellectual richness of societies far removed from Western philosophical tradition.

As a workshop presenter and dialogue facilitator, Chris helps those who engage  with him — whether in a large or small group, or one on one — to discover and tap into their unique stores of wisdom and forge stronger connections with one another. This leads to greater flourishing on both individual and societal scales.

To date, through his dialogue initiatives, Chris — a sought after dialogue facilitator trainer, moderator, and consultant — has helped create more than 500 ongoing discussion groups around the world.
In the words of Time magazine, “Socrates Cafés have found a surprisingly large and diverse following.” The subjects under discussion are Life’s Big Questions: love and friendship, work and fulfillment, justice and religion, death and aging, success and failure, goals and ideals.

Phillips has founded both the nonprofit Democracy Cafe and co-founded with Dennis K. Dienst the consulting firm Socrates Group.   

As founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Democracy Cafe, Phillips strives to come to a greater understanding of the nature and future of open societies, and to influence its nature and future through signature initiatives such as The Declaration Project and its MyDeclaration component, the long-time global Socrates Cafe movement, and Constitution Cafe, in which he has led spirited exchanges on matters Constitutional across the fruited plain, including Troy Historic Village, Aspen Institute, and the National Constitution Center, where he moderated a popular online Next Ten Amendments crowd-sourcing discourse.

Christopher is a dynamic, sought-after speaker, presenter, and moderator, and has presided over keynote events at an array of venues, including the American Leadership Conference, Rutgers University Honors Colloquium,   the Aspen Institute Socrates Seminar, Syracuse University Symposium on the Soul, the Ideas Festival, and Gemini Ink  Breakthrough Thinkers Series. To book Dr. Phillips for an event, you can contact him directly at